What we Offer


Drama provides a new paradigm for training that connects not only with the intellect but also the heart and body. The sheer exuberance, open-endedness and participatory nature of drama makes it a persuasive medium to present information.

Participants not only retain the message but also learn to think and act differently. Today, theatre is recognized as an impactful way to address several training and personal growth challenges. It unblocks creative energy and lets it be expressed. The awareness and alertness created by this expression gets directly channeled into work. Moreover, ‘play’ful behaviours are associated with greater flexibility, team cohesion, innovative responses and self esteem.

Your message, your employees and a script customized to your company’s context –
Jhoom’s unique offering creates a play catering to your specific objectives.
Demonstrate right behaviours, touch on sensitive issues or just have a stress break on your company offsite – all in a language familiar and specific to your employees.
What better way to build and shape your organizational culture?

Psychometrics meets team games – from merely working together to revealing their
‘other’ selves, our team building programmes help people create lasting bonds and set
up a team for success. Beyond ice-breakers and fun-filled games, the insight our
participants get into each other’s styles completely translates into their work place.

A highly interactive tool that has been used in theatre for decades, Forum Theatre
involves the audience in making changes and coming up with solutions in a play that
has been written and staged specifically for them. Instead of brainstorming in a
meeting room on a set of abstract ideas, this is a great way to visualize a situation,
present an idea or resolve conflicts.

Blurring the lines between imagination and reality, role play involves your employees
to express themselves in a safe and non-threatening atmosphere. These role plays mirror situations faced by them on a daily basis. Insights generated by the debriefs are self-realized and actionable. This has wide ranging applications from assessments and customer service to performance appraisals and leadership styles.

Spontaneity is a natural state where one experiences ‘flow’. Without the need of a
preset script, direction or dialogue, Improvisational Theatre (Improv) lets participants
act and tell stories in a fresh and fun manner. Imrpov is as much about listening and
accepting as about building on what the other participants have to offer.
A natural outcome is the exploration of concepts like creativity, trust, listening, problem solving and risk taking.


Theatre is all about performance, presence and holding the attention of the audience.
It is a highly effective means to build and enhance self-worth, communication skills and conquer ones fears. At senior levels, it helps radiate a sense of charisma, power and impact.
Your top management, team leaders and sales executives will hone their skills through

this programme.

In the fast-paced, dynamic world of the corporate workspace, thinking out of the box and keeping up with ideas is imperative. Drama helps challenge its practitioners
through games and exercises designed to develop creativity and improve adaptability.
Throw your employees into a low-risk high energy situation to see their creativity

Jhoom can also offer you a custom-made workshop to suit your needs and requirements.
We do in-depth work of the material you offer us and work extensively on contextualizing the
workshop to your concerns.



LEARNING THROUGH DRAMA : uses drama as a powerful teaching tool that guides the child’s creative, social, cognitive and emotional development

Jhoom strongly believes in working with and nurturing children. Our children’s workshops are conducted in a safe and enjoyable environment where children are introduced to the magical world of theatre through age appropriate drama games and exercises in a non- competitive and fun filled environment. The children actively participate in a wide range of activities which include physical movement, verbal games, storytelling, animal exercises, emotion recognition and control, improvisations, poetry, etc.

These time- tested and innovative games help your child gain self-awareness, build self esteem, encourage cooperation and collaboration and have a whole lot of fun during the process.

We offer long and short term workshops and also work with schools on curriculum based and extracurricular theatre activities.