Pictures from our many workshops conducted over the years (Copyright © Jhoom)

 Jhoom – to sway, to joyfully move, to liberate ourselves from our restricted spheres and transcend into becoming unified, empowered beings. A philosophy we happily practice at Jhoom. Jhoom is a multi-dimensional theatre company working with individuals, schools, ngos and corporates.

At Jhoom we believe in the immense positive role that theatre can play in people’s lives through developing self-expression, creativity, communication and collaborative work.

In a stressful world characterised by pace and the juggling of our various ‘selves’ [different ones at work, with family, on networking sites] we could get entangled and divided into conflicting roles. The activities and learning experiences that Jhoom brings to you through it’s workshops, plays and methodology help you integrate the various masks and selves into an evolving joyful whole.

And we encourage all this in an atmosphere of inclusive participation, responsible fun and multi-sensory engagement. The development of the imagination, mind and body is fostered and the aim is to challenge and enrich ourselves. To hear the music of life and be in perfect harmony with it. Come, Jhoom with us.